Maradona tattoo, mural, art, graffiti. Naples, Napoli

Maradona | Art of God

Photographer and Napoli fan Alessandro Tione pays homage with a set of pictures of the art that immortalises the all time great.

England football fans: Euro 88, West Germany.

England football fans over land and sea

Brighton & Hove Albion fan Lorne Brown reflects on some of England’s key internationals in his book ‘A Casual Look: A Photodiary of Football Fans, 1980s to 2001’.

12/10/2018. Doha, Qatar. Qatar versus Ecuador. World Cup 2022 test event.

World Cup Qatar | This is football 2022

Football’s Far From Home… And so was photographer Ian Whittaker when he travelled to Qatar four years ago for what has turned into a fully fledged World Cup rehearsal.

San Siro football stadium, Milan

San Siro | A football icon

Andy Barrow goes on a football pilgrimage to the legendary and iconic San Siro stadium, home to both AC Milan and Inter Milan, and scene of some of football’s greatest showdowns.

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