Bovril Gate Terrace, The Shed End

Chelsea book. And Now Are You Going To Believe Us: John Ingledew
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The Shed End, Bovril Gate Terrace, Stamford Bridge. Chelsea 2–0 Queens Park Rangers, 1991. Archival Giclée print with a pearl finish, unframed.

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A favourite photograph of John’s. Back in 1991 stewards would open a gate 20-30 minutes before the end to allow the first few early departures, giving chancers the opportunity of sneaking in for free for the closing stages.

John intended to photograph them, but instead was transfixed by a line of fans glued to the action and framed by the tunnel and the floodlights.

No women, no kids, no replica kits, no seats. “Just men standing in the elements,” said John. “It made for a strong,  brutal composition”.

For 25 years and beyond photojournalist and Chelsea fan John Ingledew has kept his camera at the ready, focusing on the fans as Chelsea’s roller coaster existence saw them plummet out of the top tier of the English game, down into mid table obscurity in the division below, then all the way back up again.

John is a published author of books such as And Now Are You Going To Believe Us, published in 2006, which is crammed with photographs charting Chelsea’s climb back up from the depths of the old Second Division to the very top of the football tree.

His unique black and white photographs preserve moments as though in “a sliver of time.”

Lower Block is privileged to offer a a selection of John’s photographs as quality prints.

Photographs come as Archival Giclée prints with a pearl finish as standard, guaranteeing quality reproduction, at a range of sizes. All prints come unframed.

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