Pompey Casuals

Pompey Casuals Lower Block photo zine


A collection of 32 photographs across 20 pages in a limited edition A5 Zine that focuses the culture of football casuals around Portsmouth FC during the 1980s.

Full Description

A collection of photographs produced in an A5 Zine that capture the ‘casual’ culture that was taking over British football throughout the 1980s.

The limited edition zine contains 32 pictures, in colour and black and white, across 20 pages, featuring anecdotes, cultural references and captions providing historical context.

Football Casuals were known for their camaraderie, loyalty to their football clubs and most notably, their fashion and style on the terraces.

The casual look came about as fans and firms of clubs attempted to evade local authorities by adopting a smarter, casual look, making themselves more inconspicuous – a complete contrast to the skinheads and punks that had largely dominated football terraces in the 1970s.

This collection of photographs focuses on the, swagger, style and camaraderie of the casual scene around Portsmouth Football Club during that time. The collection of fans photographs was complied by lifelong Pompey supporter and author Jake Payne.

The collect photos tell the story of what football, fashion and its culture looked like throughout the 80s.

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