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We’re passionate about football culture. So many elements of life can be found within and around the game; the euphoric joy and the crushing despair. It’s this passion that brings people together that gives them a sense of belonging. 

Great photography, in context, is hard to beat as a way of visually expressing or communicating something. It deserves to be properly showcased, not only so it can be enjoyed by a wider audience, but also to inspire and evoke emotions in that audience.  

Find out more below about how we can help you, your business or your client

For the creators

  • Curate and showcase your content as engaging editorial photo features across our platforms, ensuring your published work reaches the right audience.
  • Be part of a fast growing archive of cultural football features, ensuring the conservation of football culture and an archival record of your work that can be enjoyed for years to come.
  • We can help organise, manage and bring to life your archive. If you don’t shout about it, no one will ever know it exists.
  • Discuss projects, plan and strategise with us. Your goal is our goal, have Lower Block in your corner.
  • Benefit from a wider distribution network to publishers worldwide. We can syndicate features as editorial packages to relevant titles to be considered for publication.
  • Promote content, projects, books, exhibitions, thanks to our network of industry contacts, know how, and willingness to succeed.
  • Connect with other creators, archives and agencies.
  • Directly connect with an engaged audience through Lower Block’s social platforms.
  • We can assist with other forms of representation, including licensing, editorial sales, commercial sales and print sales.
  • Discuss having your work, project or product exclusively featured in Lower Block’s online shop.

For the agencies, businesses and brands

  • Benefit from our in-depth knowledge of football culture and photography as well as connections with photographers and extensive archives.
  • We specialise in visual story telling, knowing how to engage, inspire and captivate an audience.
  • Align your brand identity with the intended audience.
  • We can help create, source and license relevant content for your projects.
  • Consult with us and allow us to assist with the conception of those ideas. 
  • Partner or collaborate with us, ensuring your message reaches an engaged target audience.
  • Promote campaigns, competitions, exhibitions, merchandise and products through editorial strategies.  
  • Take advantage of our vast media industry experience and network of connections.

For the athletes

  • Lower Block is an inclusive, supportive platform where you can express your passions, inside or outside of the game. 
  • Promote other projects and campaigns, or raise awareness around something that is important to you. Together, we can help conceive and implement ideas. 
  • Connect with creators who have a deep understanding and passion for football and culture.

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