England Lad – Italia 90

England fan, Union Jack short, Turin, Italia 90 © Tony Davis
Photo by


England fan in Union Jack shorts, Turin – Italia 90. Archival Giclée print with a pearl finish, unframed.

Full Description

Closely watched by Italian police, England fans queue for tickets the day before their World Cup semi-final clash against West Germany at Stadio delle Alpi in Turin, World Cup Italia 1990.

England would loose the match in Turin on penalties, on a night which would become synonymous with English football.

Over several decades Tony Davis has compiled a deep archive of pictures that capture British football culture in the 80s, 90s, and 00s as well has being well known for his rave photography, his work with the British Culture Archive and Café Royal Books.

Photographs come as Archival Giclée prints with a pearl finish as standard, guaranteeing quality reproduction, at a range of sizes.

All prints come unframed as standard. 

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